I was grateful for the local senior center’s meal services.

My folks used to go to the senior center a couple times each week.

They had their supper there plus liked to stick around to play bingo, canasta, or spades with their friends.

I thought it was such a lovely way for them to have other people around them, plus not spend as much time alone with each other. When dad had his stroke, he was placed into the nursing home. Mom no longer drove; she was moping around the home waiting for anyone to take her to the nursing home. Since she could only visit once a week, our siblings plus I were worrying about her health. Both of us went to the senior center plus asked them if they had a meal delivery service. Not only did they offer meal delivery service, but they had a pick up driving service. They would send a vehicle to her home plus pick her up. When she was ready to be taken home, they would take her home. Since the senior center was less than 2 miles from the nursing home, they even gave to drive her to visit our dad. My siblings plus I were all so cheerful to hear how much the senior center was able to help. Mom could get herself a free ride to the senior center or to the nursing house whenever she wanted. When she didn’t think she felt well enough to visit with other people, they would also do meal delivery repair of whatever they were featuring that day, for breakfast or supper. It was nice to guess that the senior center wasn’t just for going to see but for people delivery plus meal delivery services, as well.
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