I was happy to find furnace filters online for so cheap

A little while back when I was looking on my social media, I stumbled across an advertisement that was talking about furnace filters being on sale.

These furnace filters had a good MERV rating and I needed some to get us through the winter.

When I looked at the price of the furnace filters, I thought it couldn’t be true. These were high quality furnace filters selling for cheaper than some of the cheapest air filters at the hardware store. I ended up taking the risk wondering if I was being scammed somehow, but the new furnace filters showed up and I couldn’t believe that I paid such a little amount for them. I honestly would have bought more if I knew that they were entirely legit, but they definitely were the real deal. I was quick to swap out the old furnace filter in preparation for the winter months. I also called the HVAC company like I usually do to make sure to have my furnace tuned up and looked over. Our HVAC professional always follows the proper steps too. He makes sure the ductwork is in great shape and all the safety components are satisfactory. He even tests the airflow in the system. He says it’s extremely important to know that the airflow is just right because you don’t want your HVAC system overheating and breaking down in the middle of the winter! Experiencing an issue with overheating, that can lead to even worse things like getting a crack in the heat exchanger and having carbon monoxide leaking into your air. That’s why it’s so important to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home, because carbon monoxide is deadly.