I was motivated to act by the HVAC system failing

Since we live apart, I have been delaying moving in with my long-distance partner for about two years.

She continues to ask, and I keep declining his advances. I made a promise to myself that I would never live with anyone else after my divorce and I never wanted to. But I also never imagined meeting someone who would be like my longtime partner Dave. She was different from every other boy I had ever met. He was easy to talk to, and she seemed to get it. My ex seemed more foreign to me than anyone else there toward the end of our marriage, no other woman I’ve ever been with has ever been that way. My current girlfriend is a particularly lovely lady. Now that I’ve made up my mind to do it, I think she’ll be great to live with. She finds it amusing that she was able to convince me to move in with him in the end because of my broken HVAC system. I was so enraged when it stopped working that I made the decision not to pay to have it fixed. I made the decision to sell my entire apartment instead! I then informed my wife that I would in fact be accompanying him to the apartment. She claimed that she didn’t care why I promised to do it, she was just happy that I would! I was aware that she had recently installed a high-efficiency heating and cooling system in her home. She also has a whole-home media air cleaner addition to that. I believe that, in the end, living with him will be wonderful.

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