I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have holes drilled through my outer walls

I was ultra paranoid when the HVAC professional was telling me about getting a ductless multi-split installation.

He made it sound really good with multiple zones of customized comfort, but when I realized there would be holes drilled through the walls to the outside, I took a pause.

I had to ask again how many holes needed to be drilled like that and the HVAC professional had to remind me that it depends on the amount of zones I wanted in the house. There would be one hole per zone so that the line sets can go through the wall and be connected to the outdoor condenser unit. I wasn’t sure what to do because the ductwork in my home was open and leaking in too many places. I knew that was going to be very expensive to repair. I also wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of having holes drilled through my walls. The HVAC professional assured me they would cover the line sets and have everything sealed so nothing from outside would be able to get into my home. That was reassuring, but I still felt nervous. I also wondered if they could mess up and suddenly I would have ruined walls, but the HVAC professional said they were all NATE certified experts, so I really had nothing to worry about. They also provided a guarantee that the installation would be done right, or else the HVAC system would be free and they would pay for any damages caused. That guarantee made me feel better and I went for the installation. I don’t know what I was so worried about, the new HVAC system is perfect and my energy bills are super low now!

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