I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have holes drilled through our outer walls

I was ultra paranoid when the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional was telling myself and others about getting a ductless multi-cut replacement.

He made it sound absolutely good with multiple zones of customized comfort, however when I realized there would be holes drilled through the walls to the outside, I took a pause.

I had to ask again how various holes needed to be drilled like that & the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional had to remind myself and others that it depends on the amount of zones I wanted in the house. There would be one hole per zone so that the line sets can go through the wall & be connected to the outdoor condenser unit. I wasn’t sure what to do because the air duct in our lake house was open & leaking in too various locales. I knew that was going to be easily overpriced to repair. I also wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of having holes drilled through our walls. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional assured myself and others they would cover the line sets & have everything sealed so nothing from outside would be able to get into our home. That was reassuring, however I still felt nervous. I also wondered if they could mess up & abruptly I would have ruined walls, however the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional said they were all NATE certified experts, so I absolutely had nothing to worry about. They also gave a guarantee that the replacement would be done right, or else the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan would be free & they would pay for any disfigures caused. That guarantee made myself and others guess better & I went for the replacement. I don’t think what I was so concerned about, the new Heating plus Air Conditioning plan is perfect & our energy costs are super low now!

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