I witnessed my first air conditioning install done at school

It had been a rough week at school. My sinuses had started acting up and the constant sneezing from the allergies was not helping. The students and staff alike had noticed that the quality of air had decreased significantly. The high temperatures of spring during the day were causing our comfort. The headteacher gave us a free class after receiving confirmation from the a/c repairman that he was coming. The school maintenance department headed by Mr. Kulwik had contacted the air conditioning company for three days consecutively. The air conditioning business had an influx of calls, it was a/c repair season, and finding an available air conditioning professional was close to impossible. We finally had an appointment booked and today the servicemen would be visiting the school to check the central air conditioner. Though other students left, I chose to stay as I was finishing up on some homework and my parents would not be home till late so I opted to stay in school. First, they asked about the a/c setup as they wanted to know when the air conditioning install had been done. After collecting this information, they proceeded with the a/c care. This involved checking on equipment such as climate control. The digital thermostat was all dusty and needed to be vacuumed to keep the dust away from sensitive components. Part of the a/c service was to replace the air conditioning filter to ensure that the air conditioner functioned optimally. I was standing close to the servicemen for close to three hours observing them working. I got to learn a lot about these HVAC units and how they work as well as how to maintain them.

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