Ice Cold Hospital with The Air Conditioning Blasting

I just ran down to the hospital to take a quick coronavirus test and I think they had the thermostat set to “Snowing”.

I am flying in six days and if I tested positive then I would have to get a doctor’s note saying I am okay to fly.

Luckily, my test was negative. Now I am home again and I have my central heater on so I can warm up from that frigid experience. I wonder why they have to keep the hospital so cold? I have no idea but I do have a good idea that I am happy I didn’t become a doctor. I plan on cleaning my HVAC system today as it has been a long time since doing so. I had the flu, not Covid, a few weeks ago and it was one of the worst experiences with sickness I’ve felt in a long time. Covid is nothing compared to a bad flu. I was going to clean my ductwork a week ago but I was still coughing a lot and in no shape to be around dust and bacteria. I feel better now and should be able to clean everything, given that I wear a mask and make sure not to stir up a lot of dust when I am cleaning the vents and ducts. I have a washable HEPA filter so it isn’t a big deal removing the dust from it because I just put it in the dishwasher by itself and it comes out perfectly clean. I learned that trick from a YouTube video.

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