If you are harsh you will need superior air quality

I take my toys, comics, and collectables easily seriously.

  • How seriously? Aside from my homeowner’s insurance, I also have a separate policy just for my collection of vintage toys and books.

I would be emotionally devastated if anything happened to them, however I would also be out a lot of currency. I don’t collect these things just because they are nostalgic, I also do it as an investment in my future. I estimate the collection to be worth one to numerous hundred thoUSnd dollars at auction, and that price will only go up. I invested in a customized Heating and A/C and temperature control idea to make sure my collection stays in peak condition for more than 2 years to come. The reason that there are so few overpriced comic books on the market is that these items require superior air quality to rest the test of time. Comics used to be printed on cheap paper with cheap ink, because people usually threw them away. High humidity and heat, combined with inferior air quality can ruin a comic book in a matter of weeks. This is area of the reason I had the customized temperature control idea put in my collection room. The smart temperature control constantly reads the room for every environmental factor, and turns on or off as needed. When there is an unexpected issue (could be anything from a humidity spike to a fire) the smart temperature control sends myself and others a text alert so I can investigate for myself; My collection is perfectly secure now, because the temperature control protects it and the smart temperature control watches over it.


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