If you have a heating system then you need an alarm

If you have a heating system in your house like most of us do, then you really need to invest in something called a carbon monoxide alarm.

A lot of people wonder if their home needs to have a carbon monoxide detector in it, but the answer is pretty much always a yes. Anytime that you have a heating system that burns solid or liquid fuel for heating or even cooking, then you need to have a carbon monoxide detector installed. Most homes these days have an attached garage that houses cars or other gas powered equipment. So even if you don’t have appliances that burn fuel, you still are going to have something that could possibly give off carbon monoxide. If someone in your family breathes in carbon monoxide, then they can become very sick or even worse! When you have heating equipment or other appliances that are used around your home, it doesn’t even matter how energy efficient they are. Carbon monoxide is still created and it’s very important to make sure that you don’t have higher levels in your house than are safe. Most heating appliances that burn fuel are okay when they are installed correctly and properly maintained throughout the year. Usually they are not dangerous at all. However, if the exhaust system gets clogged up, then it can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your home and decreased indoor air quality. If you have a wood burning stove, a wood burning fireplace, an oil furnace,, or even a space heater, then always be sure to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed on every floor of your home.

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