I’m a fan of being able to breathe

I’m the kind of guy who likes to be able to breathe wherever I choose to go.

If I’m going to a restaurant, they better have good air quality or I will turn around and go find a better restaurant where they know how to take good care of their HVAC equipment and provide good air quality for their customers. There actually were a few times when this actually happened. I think my wife was embarrassed when I made a huge fuss about the air quality. I pointed out that there was dust floating around in the air and I can’t stand that, it’s one of my pet peeves. If dust is floating around, that means I’m breathing it in and it’s getting into my food so I have to eat it as well. I use HEPA filters at home, so why can’t places like that invest in better air filters for improved air quality? Is it too much to ask for? Well, in my opinion, places like that don’t deserve anybody’s business, and I won’t be giving them any for certain. Most of the time, I prefer cooking at home. This way, I can take special care with preparing the right portions and getting the flavors just right. My wife and I enjoy cooking together often and I think most of our children appreciate our cooking. Our youngest one still wants to go and get fast food, but we try to tell the children to keep away from junk like that, because it’s not good for your health in the slightest!


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