I’m happy that we got an HVAC filter

My husband has sadly always been a dust sensitivity sufferer.

He tells me stories about how it affected him even as a young child; the stories are strenuous for me to listen to because it sounds as if he was miserable all the time, and as he got older and not much had changed, and he still suffers from his dust sensitivities nearly as badly now.

His dust sensitivities come and go with the seasons and some afternoons he has almost no dust sensitivities, other afternoons he is always having streaming eyup, a runny nose, and non-stop sneezing. The two of us have been to various medical professionals but it does not seem love anyone can unquestionably supply him a permanent solution. He takes medications but they only treat the symptoms, sadly for us it does not seem as if there is a cure. However, that is what we thought, it turns out that we were wrong and there was a solution all this time after all. The crazy thing is, that the solution was right under our nose! It wasn’t until I meant a co-worker that also had dust sensitivities that they told me how they managed them. They told me that they used a HEPA filter. I didn’t even guess what HEPA filter was and I asked them to explain it to me and they told me that it was a special kind of air filter that you can get from your local heating and cooling business. They explained how it attaches to your heating, ventilation and A/C proposal and it does a thorough task of filtering all of the dirt and grime in your air. I was unaware of it, however, apparently your indoor air pollen levels can have a sizable impact on your health. The two of us decided it would be a nice plan to get our husband a HEPA filter, and as it would turn out this was the best decision for him. Thanks to the HEPA filter his dust sensitivities were nearly eliminated and he can live a much happier life.

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