I'm not 100% sure about the indoor air quality

I guess I should entirely just wait until I can go to an outdoor concert venue instead

One of the things that I appreciate more than anything else is going to see a lot of songs being played live on stage. I appreciate going to concerts of any kind, as long as it’s live music and not pre-recorded songs. Both of us have a lot of indoor concert sites around here, and that’s usually entirely fantastic for us. However, recently I have gotten more upset about the indoor air quality inside of some of these spots. I guess that with everything that has been going on around here over the past 2 years, I have just been a lot more conscious about the indoor air quality of any building that I am going to spend any length of time in. I just want to assume what sort of Heating and Air Conditioning plans the buildings have that I’m going to be going to. Sadly for me, most of the bigger concert sites do not have entirely fantastic heating and cooling systems in them. That means that the central ventilation systems are not going to be all that fantastic either. I would always care about going to a major outdoor concert instead of an indoor concert, but when the uneven temps are entirely chilly outside, that is not entirely an option. I would not say that I’m rather paranoid about it, but I don’t want the system of germs and viruses floating around inside of the area where I’m going to be breathing a lot. I guess I should entirely just wait until I can go to an outdoor concert venue instead. I assume that not everyone is as upset as I am, and so since I’m the 1 that is most afraid, I should entirely just stay at the beach house until then.

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