I'm thankful for HVAC tech

I wish I could be as prepared for other life changes as I was for changing out the heating and A/C equipment, and this was something that I tried to anticipate but also was totally dreading… After the heat pump turned 20, our wife thought it would be a smart idea to start saving money for the new heating and A/C unit.

  • And wow, was she ever prescient… My buddy and I were able to save money for several full years before the heating and A/C serviceman informed us that our heat pump was on the way out; then she told us this during a single of the seasonal heating and A/C maintenance appointments that my pal and I get every year.

And I’m so thankful that my pal and I had this heads up because it genuinely served us well, where my pal and I live, there isn’t much demand for heating during the winter. While my main pal and I may need some heating from the heat pump once in a while, it’s also never much. So our heating costs are pretty much negligible during the winter. My buddy and I could even get by with a space heating system if necessary. So having all that time to choose the sort of heating and A/C technology and residential heating and A/C was awesome. My buddy and I were able to finally meet with the heating and A/C professionals to learn all about the advancement in heating and A/C technology over the last quarter of a century. My best buddy and I actually were able to buy the new heating and A/C device with an eye toward selling the lake house in the next few years; indeed, the heating and A/C corporation did us a real solid with all the time my pal and I had to prepare for that heating and A/C update.

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