Improving whole-home heating for granny’s condo

Granny had been a fashion mogul for over 20years.

She had designed amazing pieces of clothing and organized high-ranking shows.

Her clothes were showcased in some of the top shows in the country. Granny lived in a beautiful condo in one of the town’s affluent neighborhoods. She called me requesting assistance checking on her gas furnace. I had my successful heating corp which dealt with providing quality home services to all property owners. We scheduled a furnace/heater tune-up on the gas fireplace at the condo. When the HVAC repairman got to the condo, we noticed that the air felt murky and far from clean. We also noticed a weird noise from the system. First thing was to replace the outdated washable filters with replaceable ones. The next step was to check the ductwork and ensure it is clean. The technicians handled the simple exercise of duct cleaning. With new filters and clean HVAC ducts, airflow improved and so did the quality of air within the condo. The air now felt clean, light, and fresh. At least granny’s allergies would improve with the improved air quality. Since the boiler installation, granny had not had issues with her whole-home heating except now. The biggest reason for quality indoor comfort despite getting a quality system from the heating provider was following the energy-saving help provided by the experts. Granny was impressed with the maintenance session that left her condo warm and fresh. We had some hot cocoa after work was done. Granny was telling me about her upcoming show at the fashion week. At least her indoor comfort was one problem solved, now she could focus on her upcoming show.

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