In the spring the temperatures are high

The other day I had to leave work early because I had discovered the day before that there was something wrong with our heating plus cooling system.

Right now it is springtime, and in our neck of the woods, that means the temperature is high, but the temperature control in this part is often studying in the high 75s or low 90s, and it’s only going to get hotter as we get more toward summer weeks.

Anyway, I had discovered when I came home the night before that our house was quite warm! When I inspected the temperature control I discovered that it was set on 70 where I had left it that morning, the actual temperature control studying was already 75 degrees! I called for heating and A/C service, of course, plus of course they were quite busy, so they agreed to come out the next day. I had to be home, of course, to let the A/C guy inside and to be sure our dog was under control while he was going in and out of the door testing the inside portion of the A/C and the outdoor A/C unit. Anyway, he was quite professional and did not waste any time getting to work. I left our job after lunch to come home and meet the A/C guy that would be bringing me back to comfort! He seemed to recognize exactly what he was doing, and he even told me that he has been servicing heating plus cooling systems for more than a decade, but not even 30 minutes later, he knew what was wrong with the A/C and was able to get it repaired. They had the parking needed right there on the truck and he simply went outside, grabbed it plus installed it where it belonged. I told him that he was worth his weight in gold, plus I meant it. A fantastic heating and cooling maintenance worker is quite lavish in the southeastern portion of The country.



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