Insomnia sometimes leads to working out in the middle of the night

I frequently deal with insomnia.

  • I head to bed at the same time every night.

Most often, I lie awake for several hours. Even if I fall asleep for an hour or so, I typically wake up and can’t fall back asleep. I make an effort to stay in bed and keep my eyes closed. I hope to at least rest. I quickly get bored. I don’t like doing nothing. I sometimes get up & complete household tasks. I will clean out the refrigerator, clean the inside of the oven or wash the floors. I might do laundry or dust. I sometimes read, watch a movie or google things on my laptop. There are those nights when I decide to workout. It might be four o’clock in the morning when I lace up my sneakers. I am lucky that my home gym allows me to exercise without bothering anyone else. I turn on the lights, play my music fairly loud & jump around without waking up the rest of the family. Although I might feel tired & slow at the beginning, I normally end up enjoying a really fantastic workout. I’m so angry about the insomnia, I have excess energy to burn off. I spend ten minutes or so on my up. Once my joints and muscles are loosened up, I switch to weight lifting, crunches, lunges & squats. I then move onto cardio. I might run on the treadmill, ride the stationary bike or get out my jump rope. I make the workout worthwhile & exert myself until I’m out of breath, sweating profusely & my heart’s beating hard. I drink lots of water. I take a shower & go back to bed. I’m wide awake and tend to lay there for a long time. However, I am less aggravated by the insomnia. I feel good about being productive. I then let myself sleep in a but because I’ve already accomplished my workout.


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