Intense Heat plus Humidity Won't Let Up

The heat plus humidity here have been suffocating. It’s that time of the year where nobody wants to go outside because the heat is too unbearable plus all the people is counting down the afternoons until fall arrives. As someone who prefers the summertime, I myself have been itching for cooler weather. It’s too sizzling to do anything outside plus it feels like this Summer has been more humid than the others. I would be wonderful if the temperature was hot, however it’s the humidity that overwhelms me. With humidity levels reaching 100% each afternoon, I have no energy to be outside. My AC method has been working tirelessly every afternoon to keep my apartment cool despite the temperature outside. It’s a battle because I want my apartment cool although I don’t want to kill my AC system. I try to keep my AC method set to 70 degrees during the drastic heat because it’s low enough to keep my apartment cool, however not so low that my AC method has to overwork itself. This has worked out well, however it can still suppose humid inside my house. It’s like the humidity seeps through every nook plus cranny. To combat the humidity as well, I have a big dehumidifier that I have to run all afternoon plus night. I keep it in the main living area plus let it collect the excess moisture from the air. The dehumidifier collects numerous buckets of water a afternoon so it’s essential that I use it. Once there’s a cut in the temperature, I can put it away until the following summer.

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