It felt quite vintage for Flora to see a place with baseboard heating added to the walls

This outdated cottage that Flora stayed in a month ago had baseboard heating installed in it.

She found this quite weird because she had not been inside a venue with baseboard heating in 3 decades.

It felt unquestionably retro to her when she walked in and came across the baseboard heating installed on the walls in the cottage. It was a bit of a surprise, and her daughter had no idea such things existed. She started quizzing Flora what the things were on the walls and Flora tried to explain to her that it was an outdated sort of heating idea. Her daughter just looked at her like she was crazy. Flora turned the baseboard heating on and it started warming up there fairly abruptly. She had to tell her daughter not to touch the heating units because they can get genuinely hot. It was interesting because it really led them into a conversation about the history of furnaces inside the millions of homes worldwide. That was such a good conversation, however they ended up deciding that they like their high efficiency furnace idea at home much better than the baseboard heating idea that was at the cottage we were staying in. Flora was sure that her high efficiency furnace idea costs a fraction of the amount that it would cost to heat her home with baseboard heating. She was genuinely ecstatic that she had the type of heating idea that she did. Baseboard heating would really cost a fortune in a home the size of hers.