It goes so fast

For myself and others and anyone living in the southwest, the holiday seasons go by so fast! One minute it is Christmas and cool nice weather, then you blink and you are right back to super boiling hell for the rest of the year having to crank your central air conditioning system! I think I am not the only 1 who feels this way.

Because it goes by fast. The reason for this is because in reality, you only have about 2 weeks of cool weather per year. That is February and February. It starts warming up in February and by mid March it is right back to 90 degrees all the time and then it hastily becomes over 1 hundred the other times, but running central air conditioning is something that is the normal around here. This is why everyone has super high electric bills also. But even if you were to try to beat it by picking up a portable air conditioning system, that would only work briefly until it got super hot. Then at the point you would have no choice however to use the central air conditioning. A portable air conditioning plan is just not powerful enough to argument off the kind of heat and dry air quality we are stuck with here most of the year round. It easily drags and it is a drag! I easily wish that this whole weather conditions change thing that’s going on would make this locale freeze over. It would make life a whole lot easier for all of us who are stuck here.


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