It seems like everyone is getting robbed

We are having an HVAC specialist over to the beach house tomorrow to get our heating method fixed.

But we just found out that we are not gonna be able to be there when he/she arrives. In most instances we wouldn’t mind leaving a trusted HVAC specialist at the beach house when we are not there, however there have been many break-ins around our neighborhood recently and we just feel on edge about that kind of thing right now. We do not know if it’s the holidays or what, however it seems most homeowners are getting robbed around here. Anyway, we just realized we are going to have to leave the beach house while the HVAC specialist passes by, and now we are a little torn. We don’t like the idea of rescheduling our heating service appointment because we have been waiting on it for 2 weeks now. Perhaps we will just go ahead and leave them here and ask our neighbor to come over and hang out while we are not there. We know it seems odd to do so, but that’s just the way that we are right now. We have already bought all of our Christmas presents, and we do not want anyone to steal them just because we give them simple access to our beach house to repair our gas furnace. We hope that our neighbor does come and hang out here until we get back home. We aren’t sure how long it takes to repair a gas furnace, however they will definitely still be here when we get back.



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