It was a breeze to schedule an HVAC appointment for my aunt

My aunt was heading out of the country for a little while, and she wanted to talk to me before she left.

Since I was at my place & not doing much, she wanted me to look after her property.

She’d pay me to clean & look after it while she was on her trip. I easily agreed even without putting much thought into it. Not only was this a pretty great chance to live on my own for some time, but I also needed the currency. The pandemic caused my supplier to close its doors, & I had been out of work for much too long. On top of that, after living several years on my own, moving in with my parents was incredibly overwhelming. My aunt left me some work to do for her with extra pay, plus directions on when to reach out to the A/C equipment business. She had a maintenance agreement with the A/C equipment business. Since it was close to being the boiling season, they would come by the property to repair her A/C equipment. On the day of booking the A/C repair appointment, I could call them or decide to book online. Since I was actually working on my own computer, I found it simple to contact them online. There was a pop-up chat that I clicked on & began communicating with a customer care worker. We were able to figure out an appropriate time for the HVAC equipment worker to come by the property & repair the equipment. That day, some good friends were passing by to pick me up for a huge get together, but they agreed to wait until the HVAC equipment worker was done with the A/C equipment tune-up.


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