It was the weirdest locale for an AC unit.

I walked into a apartment Last weekto labor on a oil furnace.

The lady who let me into the house, showed me where the oil furnace was, and I thought it was odd. The oil furnace was in the garage, which wasn’t fastened to the house. I had often seen oil oil furnaces in fastened garages, but never in one that was unfastened; Right next to the oil furnace, was the air conditioning unit. I thought it was the oddest locale for an AC unit, however I wasn’t the one who built the house. I finished with our labor on the oil furnace and looked at the air conditioning unit. It looked brand new, but it had never been installed from what I could see. I didn’t want to say anything to the owner so I showed her the bill, got paid, and went back to the Heating as well as A/C dealer. When I got back, the owner asked if I saw anything weird about the property. I told him that other than there was an air conditioning equipment in the garage, and it had never been installed, I could not find anything odd, and after that I rolled our eyeah. He laughed and asked if he observed anything else. I hadn’t been in the house, so I didn’t notice anything if that’s what he was referring to. He said they had a brand current air conditioning equipment in the garage, but they had window air conditioning units in the house. I asked him if he knew why that was? He told me they said the air conditioning didn’t belong to them. It was there when they moved in, and since it wasn’t installed, they were waiting for the owner to come back for it. That was several years ago.

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