It wasn’t easy to train my dad about digital marketing

It’s been 20 years since my dad set up the heating and AC company. And the company continues to flourish in this ever changing industry. The HVAC industry has come far from the days of huge window AC units and wood stoves. Now, most homes have modern heating and cooling systems that keep homeowners comfortable, no matter the season. The same applies to commercial HVAC that has evolved so much. Buildings employ lots of technology to maintain proper atmosphere in each premise, and good indoor air quality. Dad’s company works in both residential and commercial settings, and I am now part of the team. I remember when I was 15, dad was talking about setting up a better website for the company. He had to hire a web design expert to come up with a good site that customers could visit. Previously, he had a simple website with contacts and a bit of information about the HVAC services on offer. However, when he ventured into more areas and began doing commercial HVAC services, it was time to upscale the site. Dad also wanted to learn more about digital marketing. This was after attending a HVAC conference and listening to industry experts talk about the power of online marketing. His goal was always to grow the company, and this meant reaching a wider market. In this digital age, that means employing digital marketing tactics. Dad is old school, so he needed to understand what all this meant. He did employ someone to do all that for his business, but I also helped him understand what it all meant.

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