It wasn’t my decision to go to school

I was doing lousy in Heating and A/C school, and my teacher pulled myself and others aside.

He told myself and others I was doing excellent when I first started, and he wanted to believe what had changed. I told him nothing had changed. It was easy then, however it was getting harder. He said that nothing easy was worthwhile. If you had to toil for something, it made it all the more substantial, and you felt prefer you accomplished something. I turned around and asked him what he knew about it. It wasn’t my decision to go to Heating and A/C school; My father forced myself and others to come here so he could have myself and others in his Heating and A/C company. He wanted an Heating and A/C corporation who was his child so he had someone to give the Heating and A/C company to. The Heating and A/C teacher looked at me, and told myself and others to quit. He didn’t care if I was giving away a nice work, however it was my decision to quit. He wouldn’t force myself and others to stay or make myself and others believe awful if I left. I got up and started to walk out the door, however something made myself and others turn around. The teacher had my paperwork on his desk, and he was checking something off. I walked back and looked at what he was doing. I had nearly perfect scores in the Heating and A/C classes, and I was throwing it away. I sat down and asked if I could stay in the class? My teacher asked if this was my choice, or if he had convinced him. I told him I could be an excellent Heating and A/C corporation if I tried, and I wanted to try.


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