It wasn’t my fault the furnace died.

My brother was always tinkering around with something. If it was broken; you knew he was going to confiscate it and try to get it working again. Not only did he try to repair things that were broken, but he also tried to make working things work better. Last week, he was playing with an air conditioning unit. Mom was going to throw it away, but he was sure he could make it work again. He went downstairs to look at another AC unit, and was down there for almost two hours. I was wondering if he wasn’t trying to work on the furnace. Mom had said she noticed an odd noise coming from it. Not ten minutes after he came back upstairs, the furnace died. Before anyone could say anything, he turned to mom and told her it wasn’t his fault the furnace died. He promised he had only been looking at the AC unit and never went near the furnace. Mom bit her lip to keep from laughing and asked if he was feeling guilty. She grabbed her cell phone and called the HVAC company. Surprisingly, they had someone at the house within an hour and dad didn’t need to pay after hour fees, which had him happy. When the HVAC technician looked at the furnace, he said he knew exactly what happened. He told my brother that if he was the one who changed the air filter, you never forced it in. If the air filter doesn’t go in easily, but snugly, it is either the wrong air filter or it is being inserted wrong. My brother had that guilty look again, because he was the one who changed the air filter.
Heater technician