I’ve Been Doing Daily Yoga in a Furnace Heated Studio for Years Now

I think I have now been doing yoga each day for about twelve years in a room that is heated up pretty hot.

My body is so much more flexible now that I can stand straight legged and fold over placing my head on my shins.

When I began I couldn’t even touch my toes, and I am amazed that I have held the conviction so long day in and day out. I got my momma doing yoga too and she has now been doing it for about seven years each day. She had back problems working for the heating supplier so she had to leave the job. Not long after that I got her on daily yoga and her back pain was soon gone. The local business where she was going for lower back therapy also helped her with the work they did on her. I haven’t had any lower back pain in about 15 years now and I feel a lot more energetic too. I was lifting a lot of heavy HVAC equipment with my job and was always suffering from a sore lower back. I also got the same problem from beach volleyball, but now I haven’t had a problem with it in over a decade. The heating technician who works with me also started doing it after suffering back aches from doing a lot of ductwork cleaning and repairs. Now he said he never has a problem with it and attributes all of the success with his back pain to yoga. It makes HVAC repairs a lot easier having a good back.