Keeping fit

I then move onto high impact aerobics to work my heart and lungs.

I am anxious to head to the beach as soon as the weather warms up. I checked the forecast and this week it is supposed to get up to 50 degrees. In the sun the temperature feels warmer. I love to take a book and relax on the beach. I am 55 years and keep myself in great shape through an active and healthy lifestyle. Of course I sometimes break the rules and eat pizza or have a beer at the end of the day. I’ve worked as a fitness coach and volleyball instructor for many years. Keeping my body in peak condition is a priority. I want to keep playing volleyball for as long as possible. I suffer from some knee and shoulder pain due to old injuries. I know that I maintain a range of motion through my daily workouts. Even on those days when I feel stiff, sore and a little lazy, I make the effort to get an hour-long workout. I am convinced that the warm up and stretching are the most valuable parts of the workout. I take the time to loosen up my sore muscles, work on flexibility and get rid of the knots that seem to form while I’m sleeping. I then move onto high impact aerobics to work my heart and lungs. I test my endurance and get myself sweating and breathing hard. After that, I move on to strength training. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve needed to be more diligent with my workouts yet more aware of my body’s limitations. I hope to stay active and healthy for as long as I can.

Personal Fitness Expert