Keeping my HVAC equipment safe

When I moved here and bought this house, I did so very intentionally.

This town is just over an hour from the city where I worked.

After college, I moved to that city to work inside the downtown offices with great quality heating and air that I thought held my future. And I kept my head down and worked my way through the ranks. Those early years outside of the office was spent in a cheap apartment. I had a window air conditioner for HVAC cooling and radiant heating for HVAC heating in the winter. The radiant heating was pretty overwhelming for a winter that is on the mild side. And the window air conditioner wasn’t enough HVAC cooling in the summer. That sort of wore on me. But the idea was to save every penny I could in order to get my own place with my own HVAC equipment. And I achieved that in about 8 years. That’s when I bought this place. The first thing I did was have the HVAC company install the best residential HVAC that I could afford. Back then, this town was so quiet. But everyone else caught on to the proximity of the city and it’s a big time bedroom community now. That brought the sort of crime that I’m now having to cage the HVAC unit outside my house. Thieves will actually rip out the guts of the HVAC cabinet to get to the copper fittings. It’s just the worst. I’m now wondering if I upgrade the HVAC unit and move even further away and just work remotely most weeks.


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