Lake trips will now come with air conditioning

So it appears that I won’t be alone for my weekends at the lake this Summer.

This comes after I surprised my family with loads of renovations to our place at the lake.

This is a place that I bought about five years ago for our family. When I was a kid, I loved getting out of the central air conditioning of our house to go to the hunting cabin my dad had. It wasn’t much but it was way out in the woods where I was surrounded by all that natural beauty. I learned early on that getting out into nature is a surefire way of helping me find the balance that I need in life. Like many people, I spend more hours than I want to inside the commercial HVAC of an office. I’m not into going to the bar or hanging out on a golf course with the guys all weekend. At the same time, I’m so not into just staying at home inside the air conditioning while my kids do their online gaming thing all weekend. My wife is also tough to get out of the air conditioning. With the lake house, I was hoping to change all of that. But this spot is very secluded and the house is dated. There wasn’t any internet, cable TV or residential HVAC. And that ended up with me being the only one who ever wanted to get up there. So I spent the Winter and the Spring working on the lake house. I had the HVAC professionals outfit the place with ductless heat pumps. So now, there will be air conditioning along with new furnishings and satellite wi-fi. Sounds like the kids are already excited.

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