Late for HVAC school

I could not believe the fact that the other day I was totally late for heating and air conditioning school.

Because this is college of sorts, it is on my dime and I would not get in trouble like I would going to high school or even a job.

But the fact that I was late for heating and air conditioning school really annoys me. It was not my fault. What is ironic is that the reason I was late was because my very own central heating and air conditioning system broke down! I had to call the local heat and a/c corporation to send out one of their most certified heating and cooling specialists to fix up my central heating and air conditioning unit! Now if I had finished heating and air conditioning school and had my HVAC certification, I would have been able to just fix my own darn heating and air conditioning unit free of charge and not even have to wait on anyone to arrive to do the repairs for me. If that had been the case I would not have been late to anything because I would have fixed it myself already. But because of this issue, I was late for the heating and air conditioning certification class at the local heating and cooling school that I signed up for. I will have to just look at the books that I take home and study extra hard to catch up on the half an hour’s worth of class that I had missed that day. I certainly hope nothing like this happens again!

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