Leave it to the heat and cooling system professionals

Last year my friend tried to repair his heating and cooling idea himself and he ended up in the hospital.

If we go back one week before last week, so numerous weeks ago, he was talking to me about how he had been having concerns with his heating and AC idea and how he was looking for a quick fix. He told me that he was thinking about trying to repair himself. He told me straight up that he thought that HVAC professionals were overpaid and that most people can do the task they do. I disagreed with him and told him that what he was attempting to do was dangerous and that he should really reconsider trying to attempt to repair it himself. I told him it’s best to just stay with the professionals. However, when I told him this he just scowled and told me that I was just saying that because I had been convinced by the HVAC industry that we need Heating and Cooling workers to do everything for us and that no one’s capable of repairing their own heating AC system. Then he went on a rant about how people cannot do anything for themselves anymore. I need someone else, some professional, to do everything for them. I can tell we were not going to agree so I left it at that. Sometimes, it sucks to be right. I would not go up and say to him that I told him so. But I do think it was a bad idea for him to attempt to repair his air conditioner. What did that attempt to get him? It got him disfigured and now he’s going to be stuck in the hospital for a little while.
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