Linzy thought she’d ask her pal to come and look after the cottage

Linzy had an appointment to have her local Heating & Air Conditioning expert over to her cottage tomorrow to get the heating method serviced, but she just found out that she’s not gonna manage to be there when he was working.

Normally, Linzy wouldn’t mind leaving a trusted Heating & Air Conditioning expert at home when she is not there, however there have been a lot of robberies around her area recently, Linzy is just really on edge about that kind of thing right now.

She’s not sure if it’s the holidays or what, however it seems most cottages are getting robbed every day. Anyway, Linzy just found out that she’s going to have to leave the cottage while they are there, and now she’s not sure what to do. She hates having to reschedule her heating repair appointment because she has been waiting on it for several weeks now. Maybe Linzy will just go ahead and leave them there then ask her pal to come over and hang out while Linzy was out. Linzy knows it really sounds like she’s being paranoid, however that’s just the way that she feels. She has already purchased all of her Christmas presents, and doesn’t want anyone to steal them just because she gave them simple access to her cottage to fix the oil furnace. Linzy hopes that her pal is able to come and hang out there until she gets back home. She has no idea how long it takes to service an oil furnace, however they will really still be here when she get back.

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