Listening to the Air Conditioning specialist blew my mind.

When the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist came over to talk about our new furnace, he was talking about all the various parts that keep our furnace running efficiently. He talked about the combustion chamber, heat exchange and blower motor. I knew what a blower motor was for. This was the section that pushed the heat into the ductwork. I also knew all about the air filter compartment because I often changed the air filter. The thermocouple and manifold both had me just as lost as when he said about the combustion chamber, but I could figure it out. The more he talked, the more boggled our mind was getting. It was as if listening to the dentist tell you what they were going to do while in surgery, and you were already zonked from the IV. I asked our spouse if he would explain, since he was listening raptly. Max told me to wait a couple hours, and he would explain after the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist left. Max and I ordered our furnace, and I sat through it all; After the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist left, I asked Max to explain what all the things were that he had been talking about. Max explained about the combustion chamber, blower motor, and air filter, which I already knew. I questioned Max about the other stuff. He laughed and said he did not know, however the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist made it sound very important. I don’t remember having laughed so hard in quite some time. Max finally shrugged and said if he were a Heating and Air Conditioning specialist, he could answer our question. Max said he was as confused as I was.



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