Looking for a Small Mini Split AC Unit for the Bedroom

I just mentioned my power bill that came in and how high it was.

I know I run the AC a lot in the house, especially at night for sleeping, and I am going to adapt to the high rates by cooling down only my bedroom at night.

I’ll do this by getting a small portable AC unit and installing it in my window. I think I can get a very small unit that is ultra high efficiency and cools my room for a fraction of the power that the main unit is using. Why cool the whole house all night when you are only using one small bedroom. That wasn’t too smart on my behalf, but then again I haven’t gotten a bill this high even when I cooled the house down at night. The rates must have really jumped up this past billing period and I will just adapt to the increase. I think a small ultra high efficiency unit wouldn’t cost much to run at night while I sleep. I tried going without any AC last night and I was awake most of the night from being too hot. My room is small and heats up a lot when I sleep, but the good part is that it would also cool down easily with a little window unit. There is one mini split AC unit that will cool down a small bedroom like mine for just $30 a month so it looks like I will go that route and see how it works. It should be fine I’m sure.

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