Looking forward to finally installing my own temperature control

I’m definitely looking forward to installing my own temperature control. I’ve never done it before but I am more than confident that I can do it. It’s a long story as to how I got this way, but eventually I just wanted to begin doing things for myself. I used to have a partner that wasn’t who I thought he was. When we finally first met everything was roses plus sunshine but it did not take long before I abruptly saw his true colors. He was really controlling plus emotionally abusive plus he was genuinely sinister in the way he did things because he was able to convince myself and others that I couldn’t do things on my own plus that I was dependent on him for everything. It definitely took myself and others a long time to come out of the fog plus realize all the lies that I had been led to know were true. One of the totally first things I started to do when I got out of that relationship was begin doing things for myself. It did not take myself and others long to figure out that I was not this stupid man that he made myself and others out to be plus that I was more than capable of getting my own stuff done. He would simply do everything for himself and others when I was in the relationship so in this way I would be made helpless plus relying on him for everything. And now I’ve been doing things for myself for a while plus it’s been feeling great. I am going to be putting in my own temperature control that I just purchased on my own. It’s genuinely easy to do. There are tons of DIY tutorials on how to install your own smart temperature control. I am confident that I can do it. I’ve done many other home improvement projects on my own separate from his help around the home plus I am going to continue to do more.