Lots of pets requires an air purifier

I never intended to have four dogs and two cats living in my home.

I volunteer at an animal shelter and quickly become attached to the rescued animals.

The one dog is older, has some health issues and had a very slim chance of being adopted, so I brought him home with me. One dog had been severely neglected and abused and required a great deal of patience and special care. He also had very little chance of getting a new family and ended up coming home with me. I inherited one dog from my parents when they relocated to a condo down south and the last dog was a stray that showed up in my yard. I discovered the two cats living under my porch, started feeding them, and when the weather turned chilly, brought them inside. I love my animals, but they are a great deal of work and expense. Along with food, water and shelter, they require grooming, love and veterinary visits. Plus, they create a great deal of fur, dander and odors. I need to replace the air filters in the furnace and air conditioner every month. I schedule professional maintenance for the heating and cooling system every fall and spring. I further invested into a whole-home air purifier that is installed in the ductwork. The air purifier captures particles that are smaller than a grain of table salt. It also combats odors and kills harmful pathogens. The device runs silently, 24/7 and requires only annual maintenance. It significantly improves the cleanliness and health of the home.

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