Martin wanted to make sure the heating and cooling units were efficient

Martin has been searching for a reliable realtor in his new location.

He had to move there for work and felt quite out of place.

Martin found a small apartment to rent, but he intends to buy a house. The only issue is that this is a new location, and Martin has yet to learn about the best places to live. His co-worker advised him to find a realtor and visit a few places. She recommended one who is ranked among the best real estate agents in the area. This agent would take Martin around the city, showing him the new houses. He was adamant he wanted a new build because these often come with new appliances and HVAC systems. His budget was big enough to afford to buy in up-and-coming developments in the city. One house stood out for Martin, who wanted to ensure everything was in good condition. He opted to contact an area HVAC business for assistance. They’d send over an HVAC professional to inspect and ascertain the cooling and heating systems were working. Martin called the HVAC business and had to wait a day before they sent over an HVAC professional to the new house. Apart from the cooling and heating systems, the guy would also inspect the ductwork in the house. He gave Martin the greenlight after finishing the HVAC inspection. Martin was quite happy that this new house’s cooling and heating systems were good. He planned on moving in as soon as he was done with buying since his apartment wasn’t a lease.

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