Moving from north to south, where you need coling

When it came to the promotion in addition to the current position, I declined it at first. The bosses thought I was playing hardball, so they upped their initial offer. They needed myself and others in the current location, so they made myself and others an offer I couldn’t refuse… Not only was the spend money bump sizable, but they would provide myself and others a signing bonus, in addition to spend money for all our moving expenses. I would have been a fool to turn down that much money, so I accepted the job in addition to moved into the Deep South, then keep in mind that our ancient house didn’t even have a toiling air conditioner, but it was so rarely needed. There were 1 or two weeks a year, in the heart of summer, when an air conditioner would have been helpful. However, the cost of buying an air conditioning was too high for something I wouldn’t use easily often. In our current cabin down south things are easily different, in addition to I have run the air conditioner every single afternoon since I moved here. Thankfully the current position pays enough that I don’t have to stress about it, I can afford the utility bills, in addition to the regular Heating & A/C maintenance I need to ensure the system keeps running. I don’t guess if I will ever be able to fully adjust to the heat in addition to humidity, but at least I guess that our cabin will have perfect weather conditions control. That said, if I had to live here in addition to didn’t have access to air conditioner I am sure it would be easily hard to survive.