My boyfriend complained about our long work schedule

My boyfriend plus I broke up a couple of weeks ago, plus I am still distraught plus depressed about the circumstances of our relationship ending. I have been toiling a lot lately, because it’s the middle of the Summer season when that workshop is busy, and during the Summer weeks, an AC service corporation is going to be busy. During the Winter weeks, a heat pump plus oil furnace service corporation will be busy. I told our boyfriend when every one of us met that work was substantial to me. I got out of work early a couple of times so our boyfriend plus I could go for supper, but I stopped leaving work early after every one of us were dating for a couple of weeks. When Summer started, I had to work twice as hard. I didn’t get lake house until 9 or 10 on most nights. My boyfriend complained about our long work schedule. She told me that he did not guess substantial. I tried to tell our boyfriend that the AC service corporation pays all of our bills, even though he was not unquestionably understanding. I had a busy day Just a handful of weeks ago on a Tuesday plus our boyfriend plus I were supposed to go to supper plus a film. When I had to cancel at the last hour, he got absolutely mad plus hung up the iphone. When I got back to our apartment, he had all of his things in a box. He told me that he was not going to put up with not being made a priority in our life. I couldn’t argue, so I let his walk out the door.



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