My brother bought a home in the mountains

I personally don’t want to go plus visit him up there while in the summer

My brother bought a home up in the mountains plus he is actually loving it so far. I went to stay with him for a couple of weeks Last year plus the views up there are breathtaking. The only concern that I had with the arena was the fact that it doesn’t have air conditioning installed in it. It’s not even outfitted for air conditioning! They don’t have air ducts in the house, which was a shocking revelation to myself and others when my brother told me. I couldn’t know that they had not even run air duct throughout the home when they built it. It was one of those things that had never even crossed my mind, honestly. I mean, who in their right mind builds a home separate from an Heating & A/C system in it? It wasn’t a home that I would have bought, that’s for sure. However, my brother told myself and others that they don’t actually even need air conditioning in the section where they are living now because the weather is undoubtedly mild there most of the time. I know that’s undoubtedly true, although I suppose that I would still want to have central air conditioning in my home no matter where I was living. My brother tells myself and others that he is actually loving it there plus so I’m cheerful for him. I personally don’t want to go plus visit him up there while in the summer. I told him that I will come up in the fall once the weather starts cooling off, though. I do care about the mountains, so I’m interested to see the site.

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