My brother bought a house in the mountains

My brother bought a house up in the mountains and he is really loving it so far.

I went to stay with him for a couple of weeks last month and the views up there are breathtaking. The only problem that I had with the place was the fact that it doesn’t have air conditioning installed in it. It’s not even outfitted for air conditioning! They don’t have air ducts in the house, which was a shocking revelation to me when my brother told me. I couldn’t believe that they had not even run ductwork throughout the house when they built it. It was one of those things that had never even crossed my mind, honestly. I mean, who in their right mind builds a house without an HVAC system in it? It wasn’t a house that I would have purchased, that’s for sure. However, my brother told me that they don’t really even need air conditioning in the area where they are living now because the weather is very mild there most of the time. I guess that’s probably true, but I think that I would still want to have central air conditioning in my house no matter where I was living. My brother tells me that he is really loving it there and so I’m happy for him. I personally don’t want to go and visit him up there during the summer. I told him that I will come up in the fall once the weather starts cooling off, though. I do love the mountains, so I’m interested to see the place.


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