My brother was coming beach house from overseas.

After being away for several years, she was finally coming home.

She had no idea how much all of us all missed him, however I missed him most. She was my twin sibling, & I was used to spending time with him every day, and calling on the phone, or talking over the internet, wasn’t the same. When she showed up, she had a buddy with him. She asked Dad to put them in the warmest room in the house. Their winters weren’t much cooler than our summers. It was 91 when she got off the plane, & she felt like she was stepping into a freezer. Even with air conditioning, the temperature doesn’t go below 74 in their huts. I was sure sixty-eight was cold. I got a space heating system & put it in the den where she & Moe were going to be sleeping. I asked him why she brought her buddy home. She said she didn’t have somewhere to go. She was on her own, which is why she joined the Marines. I had a feeling there was more to it than that, however Bill was cold. I turned on the space heating system & turned up the temperature control to help them get warm, however later that night, I thought I was going to suffocate when I walked into the den, and my sibling & Moe were drinking a budweiser & enjoying the warmth, then bill told me Moe was the buddy who used to whistle whenever she saw me on screen, & couldn’t wait to come beach house & meet me… Once they both got more used to the chilly & snow, all of us were all going to go skiing.

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