My buddies and I have been playing this game for years

A few years ago, my buddies introduced me to this new battle royale game.

  • It involved landing on a huge map and searching for weapons and other tools to fight your way to the end.

There is a storm that slowly closes in on random places of the map and if you don’t move and keep out of the storm, you die. This of course forces everybody to eventually face each other as they travel across the map. You can play by yourself with a buddy, or with a lot of friends. My buddies and I started playing as squads all the time, and we got pretty good at this game. I always told everybody that I had to adjust the temperature control settings while I was playing at my home. Everybody told me that I needed to invest in a smart thermostat so that I didn’t have to get up to adjust the temperature control settings. They said I could just use my phone or even connect to an Alexa device to say what I wanted the temperature control settings to be. They said it was so much easier and the smart thermostat would even save me a lot of money on the energy bills. I wasn’t so sure about that, but I ended up buying a smart thermostat. It was easy to install and ever since buying the thing, life really was a lot easier. I can’t even imagine not being able to use my phone these days to adjust the temperature control settings, and I can do this from anywhere I am so long as my phone is connected to the internet. To this day, we still enjoy playing this game all the time, it’s a game we just don’t get sick of playing.

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