My condenser unit got icky

March has been windy plus wet plus muddy plus stormy throughout just about the entire month.

It’s also been uncharacteristically frosty for this time of year, which has kept me indoors quite a lot.

It wasn’t quite tepid enough to be using the boiler heavily, however I sure was gleeful that I had heat plus a hot plus dry condo as I gazed out plus all the wind plus rain. But now, in the last yearof March, my buddy and I have abruptly been hit with a startling plus dire increase in rapidly changing temperatures. It caused me to finally switch my a/c system on, plus I found to my dismay, that it was not laboring entirely well at all. The airflow was entirely weak plus that got me quite uneasy. I did not quite want to have to call out an HVAC worker immediately, so I got to looking for some possible reasons why I might be getting such weak air flow. I finally got around checking the condenser unit outside, plus I found my culprit. The condenser unit was caked with mud plus debris plus it was no wonder that my a/c was having dire troubles. I immediately got to work hosing plus scrubbing the terrible thing off. I crossed my fingers as I once again tried to get the a/c running, plus thankfully, the air flow plus coolness was significantly better this time… Still, I knew that I would have to call out an HVAC worker soon! I’ll have to keep an eye on my condenser unit for now on.



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