My dad made a few calls after I came home

I spent multiple years in the army and I did not feel what I wanted to do when I came home.

I had a lot of odd skills that I gained in the Army.

One of those skills was heating and a/c repair. When I came house from the military, my dad made a few PC calls. One of the calls was to his best friend. The guy owns a commercial Heating and Air Conditioning business. My dad set myself and others up with an interview and I met with the owner of the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company a couple of afternoons later. I truthfully did not even need an interview. The guy was ready to hire myself and others as soon as I walked through the doors. He knew my dad for 30 years and he would have absolutely hired myself and others just because my dad wanted. It was nice to have my dad on my side. I could have spent months looking for a task, but I found a arena to toil a month after I left the military base. I’m still working at the same commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company and it has been almost a year. I absolutely enjoy the work. I do not mind fixing heat pump and a/c issues, and I like working by myself all morning. I do not have anyone seeing over myself and others throughout the morning and I do not have to worry about making mistakes. It’s nice to have a task that makes myself and others feel an large amount of pride. I recognize this career was the right option for someone with my unique skill set.
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