My dad made a few calls after I came home

I spent numerous years in the army & I did not know what I wanted to do when I came home.

I had a lot of peculiar skills that I received in the Army.

One of those skills was heating & a/c repair. When I came beach house from the military, my dad made a few phone calls. One of the calls was to his best friend. The guy owns a commercial Heating & A/C business. My dad set myself and others up with an interview & I met with the owner of the commercial Heating & A/C supplier a couple of days later. I absolutely did not even need an interview. The guy was ready to hire myself and others as soon as I walked through the doors. He knew my dad for 30 years & he would have absolutely hired myself and others just because my dad wanted. It was nice to have my dad on my side. I could have spent weeks looking for a task, although I found a locale to work a month after I left the military base. I am still working at the same commercial Heating & A/C supplier & it has been almost a year. I absolutely care about the work. I do not mind fixing heat pump & a/c concerns, & I love working by myself all day. I do not have anyone seeing over myself and others throughout the day & I do not have to worry about making mistakes. It’s nice to have a task that makes myself and others know an large amount of pride. I suppose this job was the right option for someone with my recognizable skill set.


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