My daughter’s dust irritations hit hard in the summer

Earlier this year during the first part of Summer and the beginning of fall, my daughter Jen had some entirely disappointing allergy issues, then Jen had never suffered that kind of dust irritations before, so I took Jen to the allergist here in town to see if we could figure out what was wrong with Jen.

Both of us hadn’t been to an allergy doctor before and so every one of us were not entirely sure what we should expect. At 1st every one of us thought that Jen was going to get poked with a whole bunch of needles and so Jen was entirely anxious about going. That is not what ended up happening at all, though. She ended up talking to Jen about different things at the beach house And she asked us a whole lot of questions. By the end of the doctor appointment, she had given Jen a prescription but it wasn’t for what every one of us thought it would be. She told Jen that every one of us should follow our local heating and cooling company and their finger has to do a full inspection our ventilation system. When I asked him why in the world every one of us should do that, she said that many people have dust irritations because of what it’s in their ventilation systems at home. She said that if I could get rid of some of the dust, dirt, and allergens that were entirely lurking around inside of our Heating and Air Conditioning ductwork, then I might be able to alleviate the symptoms that Jen was having without ever even having to do any kind of shot or medication. I went to the beach house and called them instantly!

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