My Folding Bike is Calling My Name

I think today is leg day on the beach.

  • I like to train legs about once or twice a week, and that’s not counting all of the biking and volleyball I do each week.

I do sandbag jumps in the sand, which really helps keep my legs strong. I had to clean my ductwork the other day and it required lots of leg muscles and I am happy that my legs didn’t get tired the whole time. I think it took me like four or five hours to clean the ducts and I was up and down ladders the whole time. My central heating unit has a filter in it but there is still a lot of dust getting through it and into the ducts. I don’t mind doing the cleaning but if I can avoid it that would be even better. I wonder if a HEPA filter would help keep the ductwork cleaner for longer. I bet it would because it catches a lot more of the dirt and dust that normally gets through the cheaper type like I have in mine now. I think the local contractor sells HEPA filters and if I bring in my old one he can probably get me a fitting HEPA right on the spot. I will go down there later after I finish my yoga and my work, oh yeah and also go on my bike ride. It’s warming up outside so it should be a pleasant ride along the coast. I need to clear my mind because I’m flying in a week and a bit nervous I guess.


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