My Hearts Been Cooling Down Since the Burning Hot Furnace Romance Ended

Have you ever had a relationship end that you really didn’t want to end? That happened to me with this wonderful (or so I thought) Russian lady over a year ago, and I still feel like something in me died.

I feel like I don’t care anymore about anything and I know it isn’t a healthy way to be.

I was only with her for a month and then she vanished. I discovered about two or three months later that she was married with a kid and was going through a temporary separation when I met her. My HVAC repair job was in jeopardy last year after her and I broke up because I was too depressed to make it to work. I think I missed like four months of work before finally getting the energy to go back in. It is amazing that the HVAC pro who runs the heating and cooling supplier shop even let me come back to work. I guess he liked the way I worked and wanted to keep me, but I don’t even know if I would have the gumption to keep someone who missed so much work. I am an HVAC tech, and have been for a long time, ever since my dad taught me the ropes when he ran his own HVAC business. I also lost my dad a few months before the Russian affair so I was going through a lot of loss last year. On top of that, I lost all of my savings from my heating and cooling repair work from too many irrational choices. Life life life!

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