My high school didn’t have air conditioning

I grew up in a major city and went to one of the prominent high schools around.

It was a school that focused on getting the students ready for college as well as the workforce.

I loved the school because of the diversity and it allowed the students to tap into our creativity. We were always building a new gadget, creating a new program or going on field trips to learn something new. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. My school building is over 100 years old, so we didn’t have a lot of conveniences that some of the modern schools have today. For instance, the school had heating because that was a requirement by the city, but it didn’t have air conditioning. The heating source was provided by radiators that were connected to the boilers that were located in the basement of the building. During the Winter, the building was always warm and toasty, which felt great on those days when it was extremely cold outside. However, when it was closer to Summer and we were still in school, we had no relief from the heat. There were some general areas in the building like the auditorium that had some sort of air conditioning, but the classrooms didn’t have any. Most of the older buildings in the city weren’t built with central cooling. And it would be too expensive to install the ductwork for a regular HVAC system. Thankfully, the temperature outside wasn’t too hot when we were in school, so not having air conditioning wasn’t a big deal to many of us.


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